Monday, 23 May 2016


Hey guys.I am soo soo soooo sorry!I have been absent for soo long.I had my exams going on and then another long week after that to relax myself.Though it's not as if I had been working way too hard for my exams or anything but you know those mandatory chilling out periods where you get in touch with your old friends,catch up on old times and do some self talks to find out where to head next.I had my days consumed exactly in that.But now I am refreshed.And charged up.And so,let's get back to our little world!Thank you for following up with me (and missing me.Just in case u did!) I love this little space that my blog has gifted me where I get to express myself and have a beautiful family of you people who bear with my blabbering.I love you people soo much!<3 XOXO<3

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Summer Skincare Favourites

Hello pretty lady!How have you been doing?Are the summers getting the better of your skin?
Excess oiliness. Pimples. Pigmentation. Dullness. Sunburn. What does the sun not do to our beloved skin and how easily we fall prey to these problems!Not that each of you would have to face all of these problems but for most of us,especially the ones who have to step out of their homes everyday for college (or maybe the coolest hangouts in the city that got the name “college” for  parents),office or just a day out, know exactly what I am talking about.Covering your face and hair is essential when exposing yourself to the sun but you just cannot be under the wraps through the entire day.Well,who is going to click selfies of the makeup you spent an hour doing?!Selfies are important.Damn important man!And hence,considering my story from last year when I started with my college and had no idea of how essential skin care is,the continuous exposure to heat and pollution ruined my skin.I  had a new pimple showing up everyday on my cheeks,on my chin,my forehead all tanned and dull,oily skin as ever.Even when the pimples decided to fade,they left unpleasant blemishes on my face.It was kind of heartbreaking for me because who would ever like their face blemished and pigmented?
A lot of trial and error with numerous products finally landed me onto adopting a weekly routine of skin-care that has resulted in a beautiful,bouncy skin,free of blemishes and acne (touchwood!) which I possess now and am soo happy with.If you know me personally then you would have seen the difference yourself!Talking of my skin type,my face has a combination skin.The T-zone of my face that is the nose,chin and my forehead teands to get oily alongwith the apples of my cheeks sometimes and then there are are days when they get all dry and I need to heavily moisturize them.

With the summers here,I have been following this skin care routine that helps me keep my face looking fresh and glowing.Read on to find out the products that I have been using and maybe,it might help you solve your skin problems as well!

  • Facewash

Facewash plays a very important role in maintaining the PH balance of your skin and hence,you need to invest in a facewash that would exactly serve your skin type without being too much loaded with heavy chemicals that will dry-out your skin.

I came across this ‘Deep Clean Facial Cleanser’by Neutrogena and this facewash is something I can sware by.Since the day I began using it,I have noticed a significant difference in my skin.This facewash is really mild and won’t dry out your skin after washing.This effective face wash contains a hydroxyl acid which penetrates deep into the pores,dissolving dirt,oil and makeup and cleans soo deeply that your skin is left clean with no pore-clogging residue.This is suitable for all types of skin,though if you have extremely oily skin,then you might want to look for options that are a little on the dry side.It retails for INR 350 for 200ml of the product.
I use it twice a day.Once in the morning and once at night before going to sleep.

  • Moisturiser ( for day)

On most of the days,I don’t require a heavy moisturiser and so,I got this product which works as magic because it  does moisturize but does not at all appear greasy or anything.

The Za True White Day Protector cream is worth every penny spent on it.It retails for INR 800 for one tube of the product and a little of the product goes a long way.It gives a glowing finish to your face,while moisturizing it through the day.It also has spf so sun protection is an added benefit.Every morning after I wash my face,I immediately massage this cream onto my skin in circular motions.

  • Sunscreen

Choosing a sunscreen can be quite tricky because the market is flooded with all types of brands making promises of giving sun protection alongwith matte effect,glowing effect and what not!I had been baffled with the types and spf of sunscreens that were available and after a good long research,I bought a few of them and the one that has found a permanent place on my dressing table is the VLCC Sweat Free Sunblock Lotion with SPF40.

Owing to the sun rays that have been growing harsh with every summers,SPF 40 is the minimum that your sunscreen should have.This sunscreen,enriched with Comfrey plant extract which has anti-irritant properties protects the skin against irritation and redness while the non-greasy formula lends a satin-smooth feel to the skin.Though,it might not be suitable for the dusky Indian skin tone as this product has white undertones that show up after application and take their own time to blend into the skin.The product retails for INR 340 for 100g.
I make sure that I apply it everyday in the morning after my facewash and moisturiser.Not just on my face but neck and hands as well.Also,2-3 hours into the sun and another touch up of sunscreen ensures unfaultered sun protection so make sure to keep it  handy in your bag!

  • Scrub

Dead cells form up quickly on the skin with the continuous exposure to the pollution and heat,making our skin look dull,dry and lifeless.It is very important to scrub your face to scrub off the dead cells and let the fresh,inner skin breathe.While choosing your scrub,you should make sure that it is not too harsh on your skin and also,scrubbing should be done very gently so as to ensure that you don’t scrape off too much skin.

My current favourite srub is the Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Oatmeal and Yoghurt scrub which is a really mild scrub with very small beads that don’t feel harsh against your skin.This scrub exfoliates the skin gently,removs dirt,dead cells,blackheads and whiteheads leaving the skin brighter and healthier with a smooth glow.It retails for INR 195 for 100g.
I exfoliate my skin using this scrub at a gap of every 2-3 days.Scrubbing actually works wonders on your skin so make sure you make it a regular habit!

  • Facepack

Your skin needs a boost of certain nurtrients that it gets deprived of over the weekly hustle-bustle and a good facepack is the solution to your skin’s craving!There are quite a many cosmetic brands that do offer really good facepacks but on my last trip to ooty,I got this Chandan (Sandalwood) Facepack from there which I have been using on every Sunday and this facepack is just wonderful.

Once I wash it off,my skin is all glowing and clean,looking fresh and healthier.
(I know it’s not possible for each of you to make a trip to ooty to get your hands on this face pack so I have added a few links from where you can get some really good organic sandalwood packs)

  • Tea Tree Gel

Nothing fights acne like tea tree oil and my secret to cleaning off all the little,dirty bubbles that popped up on my face was Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Acne Gel.This is a fantastic product that actually shows up results.

When my pimples were on an ever-growing spree,I switched to this product for a continued 2 weeks and yes!They did fade away.And for good.This acne gel,made with tea tree oil provides broad spectrum antimicrobial activity to control pimples,acne and blemishes.This light,easily absorbed gel regulates oil producing glands in acne prone skin,thereby retarding the process of formation of pimples and acne.This product retails for INR 270 for 100g.
I make sure to apply it every night after I wash my face for the night,before going to sleep.It’s super-effective and I highly recommend it.

And that is all that I am currently using and loving as well!If there is any other product or routine that you follow and have found useful, let me know through my social media handle so that we can together share it with everyone!
Till then,
Keep smiling.Keep styling.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

New Collection-Stiletto Kurta by W (1/3)

Hello!How have you been?
I wanted to share a secret!I have fallen head over heels in love.
With?Read on.
The beautiful Indian wear kurtas have been a hotpick,favourite of girls over decades because of the imperceptible elegance that it adds to the form of any and every girl.Over years,a lot of changes have been seen in the trend and styles of wearing these kurtas.The earliest one I remember seeing my mom wearing was a simple suit with knee length kurta and balloon-like pyjama.Then came the age of churidaars and the patialas.The short length kurta was something that became trendsetting after
On the right,Rani Mukherjee flaunts her tacky short length kurta with collar and a pair of pants with colours vibrant enough to make the rainbow jealous!
 Rani Mukherjee wore it in the movie ‘Bunty Aur Bubli’ with an equally tacky and ethnic sling bag.

Years changed,days changed and so did the choice of people.The anarkali kurtas were another burning-hot trend over 3-4 years until they got a stiff competition by the Pakistani suits that comprised of below the knee length kurta’s alongwith highwaist side slits and a churidaar legging beneath.

With the 2016 summer here,one collection of kurtas that I have been fascinated by and in love with (answer!!) is the new stiletto kurta collection by W which has been launched this year in conjunction with crop pants and culottes.The prints,the designs,the fa├žade of each kurta is soo different and abstract and unique in uts own capacity that you just wouldn’t want to leave the shop without having them all there in your shopping bag.
Starting from INR 1299 and ranging upto INR3999,these kurtas are a perfect combination of modern and sassy.You pair them up with palazzos,crop pants,culottes or just your regular leggings,a pair of wedges or heels and you are going to be perfectly ready to grab attention where-ever you go.

Of the three that I have seized for myself,this post is about the one that I wore just yesterday for a puja at my home.I decided to pair them with crop pants and a pair of kitten heels.

A detailed close up:

 A winged eyeliner alongwith
 a tint of red on lips
 turned out to be great!

Two more posts are on the way regarding the remaining two kurtas.If you have any other trend that you like to carry with your kurta,do send it to me on my instagram handle.I would love to post it here!And also,if you have got a piece of this collection already in your wardrobe,you know where to send your pic (pic) because afterall,we are all in this together!And if you haven’t yet,then snatch your bags and run off to the W store now!
Till then,
Keep experimenting.Keep loving!Tada <3

Monday, 18 April 2016

Nude eyes for summers!

Hiee girlies!!I know how much we adore our black liners and sure we wouldn't trade them for all the other things in the world.But did you ever try to look deep into your own undressed eyes,those beautiful pair of pupils staring back at you with soo much intensity!
Well summers give us a reason to do anything and everything we want to experiment!All we gotta do is attach a trending hashtag and duhh!
So yes!I have adopted for me this particularly 'trending' eyelook that I love to wear to college these days and if u have been meeting me in college,you must have noticed the un-lined(I wonder if that is a word even) eyes.
Here is a pic of mine where you can see I have no liner on but just a pair of beautiful and fresh,vibrant looking eyes that bappear just as pretty in real life.

For once,just this once,I am probably not going to bombard you with long write-up tutorials and the good and bad stuff about using all the products that I have so yes!Thank me.And after that,you got to see this summarised tutorial collage that I have made that will guide you through the steps.


1.Use a concealer to cover up the dullness.
2.Take a dark brown eyeshadow and line your eyes a little thick but as close as possible to the lash line.
3.Repeat the same step on the lover lash line.
4.Take a light brown eyeshadoe using an angled eyeshadow brush and blend the dark brown eyeshadow outwards into the natural colour of your eyes.
5.Grab your mascara and coat your lashes atleast twice.
You are done!
Its easy.Its pretty.Its light.So do try and let me know how much you liked it through your love on my social media handle.The link to my instagram is at the top right so what are you waiting for?Go hit the link and 'direct message' me your pic after you try this look.Would love to give a shoutout to you!
Till then,
Live.Live.Dream. <3

Sunday, 10 April 2016

3 Foundation Mistakes We Commit

Always worried why your foundation isn't just as perfect as those flawless makeup pictures?Read on to make sure you are not committing these mistakes that might ne ruining your efforts.

Mistake 1:Using Hands for Application

If anyone ever asked what’s the easiest way of applying the foundation?Most of us would answer-just pump it out of the bottle,spread it on your face and even it out with your fingers across the face!
Wait a minute.Really?Ever thought how much of the sweat and dirt of your hands has just been transferred to your face?Or the residue of the product you used just before the foundation?Ever realized that our skin produces heat and the heat escaping from our hands warms up certain areas of the face due to which the foundation layer tends to get uneven,being highly concentrated in some areas and rarely visible in others.

Correction: The best way to apply a foundation is to apply it using a foundation brush or a damp makeup sponge.My personal favourite being the makeup sponge because the sponge tends to absorb any extra amount of foundation that might be there (and which is always the case with me.I pump out too much and don’t want to waste it so somehow stick it up to my face.),making your foundation blend in seamlessly with your skin.

Mistake:Not moisturising (or is it moisturizing?)

Not each of us are blessed with a beautiful,bouncy skin that needs no moisturiser or prepping up before putting on base of the makeup.I myself possess a combination skin wherein my T-zone is quite oily but the rest of the face does need it’s regular regime of moisturisation or else my makeup base ends up looking like a chalk has been run over  the dry-region and all the chalkpowder decided to come out together,showing up flakiness and unusually white patches.
Most of us tend to jump directly onto the foundation and then fret about it being flaky and dry and powdery.The foundation is just a layer of pigmentation that sits across the original texture of the skin and so the final result of how the foundation will show up depends entirely on the base.So if there is a dry patchy skin beneath,without any moisturiser or primer,you shouldn’t be expecting a flawless picture perfect face.

Correction:The right steps in the foundation application are Clean.Moisturise.Prime.Apply.So you first got to make sure your face is all clean and free of any dirt or oil because that might just get highlighted alongwith your foundation.Secondly you need to make sure you use a moisturiser good enough for your skin to ensure that no dry patches are there on your skin.Primer is optional but it gives a smooth slate for the foundation to spread on and also makes your makeup last long through the day so primer is highly recommended.And for the final step ofcourse,a brush or a damp sponge to blend your pigment in.

Mistake:Not Setting your Foundation

A fast paced world.Agreed.But are you really that busy that a minute of your life cannot be spared to set the face you spent 10 minutes on,trying to blend the foundation in as flawlessly as possible?Some people are predisposed to think that the foundation in itself is enough and does not need another layer of powder being added.Boing!You are wrong!Totally wrong!How can you expect a product with liquid or creamy consistency to not attract dust or pollution when it is spread out in the open?One of the major reasons our skin tends to get oily is because of the dust particles that sit on our face through the day and due to which,our skin secretes oil and the oil shows up through the foundation layer making our face look dull and oxidized and also,the makeup starts creasing.And we complaint.Yeah!

Correction:A compact makes all the difference.You want the glow of your base makeup to last all day long,make sure you do set your face with a compact or a setting powder and keep retouching because a powder is the exact thing that will ensure that your makeup does not start creasing or looking tedious.

Well that was much of a class for today!Hope you remember these points the next time you go in front of the mirror with your beloved foundation.If there is any other sort of problem that you might face with your foundation,feel free to mail me or contact me on any of my social handles!I would love to address it in my next article alongwith your name. <3
Till then,

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Colours of Royalty

The royalties have always been disassociated from the rest and known as an unique race of their own.The regular musings are of no match for them and they have an exuberance unspelled & unmatched.And with such a set apart cluster,only an inimitable choice is what follows.So goes for the colours.Every colour has a different class  to bare.Some reveal warmth and brightness like yellows and oranges while a pink or a light green exhibit a happy go lucky aura.
Summers can be quite a hard-to-play when experimenting with colours because not every colour tends to make you feel comfortable enough in the scorching heat and tacky bright sun.We have a propensity to leave the heavier colours for the later hours of the day.Well.It may be a wise choice but wait!You only get the urge to dress extravagantly once or twice a week.Don’t you?Ok.Maybe three.Or four.Fine.Everyday!But still.Not everyday would you want to splurge on those scarlet lips and danglers because who likes monotony afterall?
Coming back to royalty of colours,the scarlet red,royal blue,golden,royal green and oranges have been always placed above all.And they might play you down if the sun is very hash but why to always give the uppe hand to the weather?Blues and reds and golden can be carried out in the day just as much as night.All you got to keep in mind is if it makes a stark contrast with the environment you would be stepping in or not.If the answer is yes,you better know where your wardrobe is!Anyway,I had this see through net top from CODE in dark royal blue that I decided to wear for this particular blogpost alongwith scintillating scarlet-red lips and golden danglers.

It’s the beauty of these colours that can make anyone look or feel just soo beautiful!I did not have to put in much efforts but a red lipstick and little halfway eyeliner and I was done.Rolling my bangs along my forehead and pinning it at back,it has definitely added another dimension to the look. Doesn’t it all fall beautifully together?

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Black Smokey Eyes

I was just scrolling through my instagram and my homepage was bombarded with pics showcasing more than perfect smokey eyes that just stole my heart and I was left with an urge to try them right away.Now,smokey eyes can be really tricky to achieve if you are not familiar with the concepts of layering and blending of eyeshadows.And to top that,a stable hand is much needed for that precise & seductive winged liner.
Back when I was in my initial days of makeup obsession,I did perform my own experiments for the smokey eyes but neither worked out good enough that could be flaunted.Ok.I will admit.Not good enough is not the word.Smudged mess.Disaster.Blotted colours.That should explain it.Anyway,practice makes you perfect and I am more than happy to finally be able to boast about how accurately can I now work my way with the sultry,smokey look.And more than just being able to do it,I am giving a tutorial as well (yayy!).
You can see how gorgeous the eyes look when adorned with the grayish black eyeshadow and an outstretched black wing with a little heavy lashes.

Products I have used:
  • Coloressence Base Primer
  • Maybelliner Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
  • Colorbar ReadyToWink Eyeshadow Brush 
  • Estee/ Lauder  DoubleWear Kohl Pencil
  • Estee/ Lauder Ultimate Sumptuous Infinite Mascara
  • Lakme 9 TO 5 Black Impact Liner

So here is a step by step easy guide that will let the artist in you transform your eyes into a sultry,stifling beauty without much hassle and time.Just remember one important thing though-BLEND!

1.Prepare the base

To begin with,make sure your eyes are clean and well moisturized because you would not want your eyeshadow flaking up or getting distributed unevenly or creasing for that matter.So your task is to clean,moisturize and prime.Use an eyeshadow primer or any basic primer.If you don’t posess any,no worries!A concealer would be sufficient.

2.Base shade

For every colour of the eyeshadow to show up,you need to have your base colour eyeshadow as close as possible to your natural skin tone.Or a few shades lighter but never on the opposite.

Take a flat eyeshadow brush and spread the base eyeshadow all over your eyelid.Make sure you keep layering up the colour until you don’t see a significant amount of colour showing up.This is very important as it will determine whether the next shades that follow will show up or not.


Every eyemakeup has a history of layered up shades.You don’t put any one particular colour and expect it to make your eyes look like they have been done professionally.Layering is imperative.By layering,what I mean is defining the crease,browbone and upper & lower part of the lid with the help of shades that descend from the most natural for your skin tone to a darker version.So take a blending brush and start with layering up your eyeshadow,darkest on  your crease and lightest on the browbone.

As you can see in the picture,each part of the lid has been defined with a different shade of brown.


Take your regular kohl pencil and make a slightly pointed outline at the outer edge of your eyelid as shown in the picture.After that,fill in the entire lower lid belown the crease lightly with the kohl pencil.Also outline your waterline and a little below that.

5.Black eyeshadow

Take the same eyeshadow application brush and dab on the black eyeshadow all over the kohl markings.


Now this is the keystep that would determine the final result.So take your blending/smudging brush and blend the kohl and eyeshadow together first.Next,move a little upward and blend in the black line with the brown shade of the crease.Keep on moving your brush in small circular motions until all the fairly visible lines are smoothed out and none of it can be seen but a smooth transition from black to light brown.
Take an angled brush and some brown eyshadow and blend it with the kohl on the lower lash line as well.

7.Finishing touch

Winged liners differ from person to person and I cannot really suggest you any one particular way of doing it because there is no one way.Each one of us have our own comfort zone of applying it so I would just tell you that once blended,complete your look with a winged liner (make sure you use a liquid liner) and two coats of mascara and there you go!

So I hope that would have reduced your struggles a little and probably you would try it and if you do,then do remember to send me a picture of how it turned out for you.I would love to post it on my instagram handle as well as on my blog so I would be waiting!
Till then,