Monday, 18 April 2016

Nude eyes for summers!

Hiee girlies!!I know how much we adore our black liners and sure we wouldn't trade them for all the other things in the world.But did you ever try to look deep into your own undressed eyes,those beautiful pair of pupils staring back at you with soo much intensity!
Well summers give us a reason to do anything and everything we want to experiment!All we gotta do is attach a trending hashtag and duhh!
So yes!I have adopted for me this particularly 'trending' eyelook that I love to wear to college these days and if u have been meeting me in college,you must have noticed the un-lined(I wonder if that is a word even) eyes.
Here is a pic of mine where you can see I have no liner on but just a pair of beautiful and fresh,vibrant looking eyes that bappear just as pretty in real life.

For once,just this once,I am probably not going to bombard you with long write-up tutorials and the good and bad stuff about using all the products that I have so yes!Thank me.And after that,you got to see this summarised tutorial collage that I have made that will guide you through the steps.


1.Use a concealer to cover up the dullness.
2.Take a dark brown eyeshadow and line your eyes a little thick but as close as possible to the lash line.
3.Repeat the same step on the lover lash line.
4.Take a light brown eyeshadoe using an angled eyeshadow brush and blend the dark brown eyeshadow outwards into the natural colour of your eyes.
5.Grab your mascara and coat your lashes atleast twice.
You are done!
Its easy.Its pretty.Its light.So do try and let me know how much you liked it through your love on my social media handle.The link to my instagram is at the top right so what are you waiting for?Go hit the link and 'direct message' me your pic after you try this look.Would love to give a shoutout to you!
Till then,
Live.Live.Dream. <3