Sunday, 24 April 2016

New Collection-Stiletto Kurta by W (1/3)

Hello!How have you been?
I wanted to share a secret!I have fallen head over heels in love.
With?Read on.
The beautiful Indian wear kurtas have been a hotpick,favourite of girls over decades because of the imperceptible elegance that it adds to the form of any and every girl.Over years,a lot of changes have been seen in the trend and styles of wearing these kurtas.The earliest one I remember seeing my mom wearing was a simple suit with knee length kurta and balloon-like pyjama.Then came the age of churidaars and the patialas.The short length kurta was something that became trendsetting after
On the right,Rani Mukherjee flaunts her tacky short length kurta with collar and a pair of pants with colours vibrant enough to make the rainbow jealous!
 Rani Mukherjee wore it in the movie ‘Bunty Aur Bubli’ with an equally tacky and ethnic sling bag.

Years changed,days changed and so did the choice of people.The anarkali kurtas were another burning-hot trend over 3-4 years until they got a stiff competition by the Pakistani suits that comprised of below the knee length kurta’s alongwith highwaist side slits and a churidaar legging beneath.

With the 2016 summer here,one collection of kurtas that I have been fascinated by and in love with (answer!!) is the new stiletto kurta collection by W which has been launched this year in conjunction with crop pants and culottes.The prints,the designs,the fa├žade of each kurta is soo different and abstract and unique in uts own capacity that you just wouldn’t want to leave the shop without having them all there in your shopping bag.
Starting from INR 1299 and ranging upto INR3999,these kurtas are a perfect combination of modern and sassy.You pair them up with palazzos,crop pants,culottes or just your regular leggings,a pair of wedges or heels and you are going to be perfectly ready to grab attention where-ever you go.

Of the three that I have seized for myself,this post is about the one that I wore just yesterday for a puja at my home.I decided to pair them with crop pants and a pair of kitten heels.

A detailed close up:

 A winged eyeliner alongwith
 a tint of red on lips
 turned out to be great!

Two more posts are on the way regarding the remaining two kurtas.If you have any other trend that you like to carry with your kurta,do send it to me on my instagram handle.I would love to post it here!And also,if you have got a piece of this collection already in your wardrobe,you know where to send your pic (pic) because afterall,we are all in this together!And if you haven’t yet,then snatch your bags and run off to the W store now!
Till then,
Keep experimenting.Keep loving!Tada <3