Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Colours of Royalty

The royalties have always been disassociated from the rest and known as an unique race of their own.The regular musings are of no match for them and they have an exuberance unspelled & unmatched.And with such a set apart cluster,only an inimitable choice is what follows.So goes for the colours.Every colour has a different class  to bare.Some reveal warmth and brightness like yellows and oranges while a pink or a light green exhibit a happy go lucky aura.
Summers can be quite a hard-to-play when experimenting with colours because not every colour tends to make you feel comfortable enough in the scorching heat and tacky bright sun.We have a propensity to leave the heavier colours for the later hours of the day.Well.It may be a wise choice but wait!You only get the urge to dress extravagantly once or twice a week.Don’t you?Ok.Maybe three.Or four.Fine.Everyday!But still.Not everyday would you want to splurge on those scarlet lips and danglers because who likes monotony afterall?
Coming back to royalty of colours,the scarlet red,royal blue,golden,royal green and oranges have been always placed above all.And they might play you down if the sun is very hash but why to always give the uppe hand to the weather?Blues and reds and golden can be carried out in the day just as much as night.All you got to keep in mind is if it makes a stark contrast with the environment you would be stepping in or not.If the answer is yes,you better know where your wardrobe is!Anyway,I had this see through net top from CODE in dark royal blue that I decided to wear for this particular blogpost alongwith scintillating scarlet-red lips and golden danglers.

It’s the beauty of these colours that can make anyone look or feel just soo beautiful!I did not have to put in much efforts but a red lipstick and little halfway eyeliner and I was done.Rolling my bangs along my forehead and pinning it at back,it has definitely added another dimension to the look. Doesn’t it all fall beautifully together?