Sunday, 10 April 2016

3 Foundation Mistakes We Commit

Always worried why your foundation isn't just as perfect as those flawless makeup pictures?Read on to make sure you are not committing these mistakes that might ne ruining your efforts.

Mistake 1:Using Hands for Application

If anyone ever asked what’s the easiest way of applying the foundation?Most of us would answer-just pump it out of the bottle,spread it on your face and even it out with your fingers across the face!
Wait a minute.Really?Ever thought how much of the sweat and dirt of your hands has just been transferred to your face?Or the residue of the product you used just before the foundation?Ever realized that our skin produces heat and the heat escaping from our hands warms up certain areas of the face due to which the foundation layer tends to get uneven,being highly concentrated in some areas and rarely visible in others.

Correction: The best way to apply a foundation is to apply it using a foundation brush or a damp makeup sponge.My personal favourite being the makeup sponge because the sponge tends to absorb any extra amount of foundation that might be there (and which is always the case with me.I pump out too much and don’t want to waste it so somehow stick it up to my face.),making your foundation blend in seamlessly with your skin.

Mistake:Not moisturising (or is it moisturizing?)

Not each of us are blessed with a beautiful,bouncy skin that needs no moisturiser or prepping up before putting on base of the makeup.I myself possess a combination skin wherein my T-zone is quite oily but the rest of the face does need it’s regular regime of moisturisation or else my makeup base ends up looking like a chalk has been run over  the dry-region and all the chalkpowder decided to come out together,showing up flakiness and unusually white patches.
Most of us tend to jump directly onto the foundation and then fret about it being flaky and dry and powdery.The foundation is just a layer of pigmentation that sits across the original texture of the skin and so the final result of how the foundation will show up depends entirely on the base.So if there is a dry patchy skin beneath,without any moisturiser or primer,you shouldn’t be expecting a flawless picture perfect face.

Correction:The right steps in the foundation application are Clean.Moisturise.Prime.Apply.So you first got to make sure your face is all clean and free of any dirt or oil because that might just get highlighted alongwith your foundation.Secondly you need to make sure you use a moisturiser good enough for your skin to ensure that no dry patches are there on your skin.Primer is optional but it gives a smooth slate for the foundation to spread on and also makes your makeup last long through the day so primer is highly recommended.And for the final step ofcourse,a brush or a damp sponge to blend your pigment in.

Mistake:Not Setting your Foundation

A fast paced world.Agreed.But are you really that busy that a minute of your life cannot be spared to set the face you spent 10 minutes on,trying to blend the foundation in as flawlessly as possible?Some people are predisposed to think that the foundation in itself is enough and does not need another layer of powder being added.Boing!You are wrong!Totally wrong!How can you expect a product with liquid or creamy consistency to not attract dust or pollution when it is spread out in the open?One of the major reasons our skin tends to get oily is because of the dust particles that sit on our face through the day and due to which,our skin secretes oil and the oil shows up through the foundation layer making our face look dull and oxidized and also,the makeup starts creasing.And we complaint.Yeah!

Correction:A compact makes all the difference.You want the glow of your base makeup to last all day long,make sure you do set your face with a compact or a setting powder and keep retouching because a powder is the exact thing that will ensure that your makeup does not start creasing or looking tedious.

Well that was much of a class for today!Hope you remember these points the next time you go in front of the mirror with your beloved foundation.If there is any other sort of problem that you might face with your foundation,feel free to mail me or contact me on any of my social handles!I would love to address it in my next article alongwith your name. <3
Till then,