Thursday, 10 March 2016

College Makeup Tips

*Phone rings*
Where are you?
Just 5 mins.I will be right back.
Sounds similar to your everyday college expedition to washroom?
It’s the story of almost every girl,especially fresher’s like me who love experimenting with every sort looks to college.But our struggles just don’t end after we leave our mirrors at home post a baffling brainstorming session with foundations and eyeliners.Every reflecting surface on our way to college is a reflection of how intact the makeup is yet.

Winters are a sweetheart and save us the trouble of our foundations going dull or eyeliners fading with sweat or lipsticks getting vanished.But summers,just as much fun as they are,they just wouldn’t spare our hours long efforts in front of  the mirror.And as a result,the college washroom becomes our only saviour to touch up everytime we feel our T-zone getting greasy or the lipgloss fading.
Not every college has centrally-airconditioned environments and when you are in University of Delhi,you wouldn’t even care asking for that.But yes,the summer heat gives us just reasons enough to be very clever with what kind of makeup we wear  to college otherwise  we could end up every  2-3 hours in the washroom or looking lyk a raw pie which had been just a few hours back,coated with eggwash and flour.
So here are a few tips to help your makeup sail through the day despite the heat and dirt:

1.Bye-Bye Heavy-Pigmentation!

Ever heard the phrase-a painted face like a clown?Well that is exactly what extremely pink blush and tacky red lipsticks do to your face during the day!Avoid them at all costs.Like totally.The summer sun is already harsh and no one would want an equally contrasting vibrant redlips to add up to the heat.Also,those dark pink blushes and the shimmery ones especially,though you might think gives you a natural blush,look nothing less than intentionally painted cheeks during a sunny day.And if all this was just not enough,those heavily kohled eyes and even eyeshadows for a few,please stop!
Summers are all about going light and playful and so shall your makeup during the day be.First of all,ditch all those lipstick shades that are way too heavy for the day like deeper shades of red,burgundy,browns and wines.Instead,opt for light and nude shades which are matte and not glossy or shimmery.If you love your lipgloss,a nude or very lightly tinted gloss would be enough.
For the blush,a matte blush is a must for the day because all those shimmery blushes reflect way too much light and end up making you look like you tried way too hard to get your makeup right.Also,less is more.Just a little swipe on the apple of your cheeks and that is exactly what is called ‘naturally flushed cheeks’.

2.Ditch the foundation

Just as pleasing,that perfectly matte and flawless f
'foundation-face' looks in the beginning,the 3-4 hour later face is just as dull and dark.Also,there are times when the foundation starts flaking up and showing dry-white patches or starts giving off a greasy/oiled look.And I bet none of us want that!
The heat tends to bake the foundation up due to which after a few hours,the fresh glowing look fades and is replaced by a more darker version.Also,the dirt particles that stick on further make the foundation look oily.Sweat tends to make the foundation look cakey and you need to keep retouching it with a compact .Also,if you don’t choose the right foundation for your skin,you can have that heavy-makeup feeling throughout the day.
So if you want to avoid all the above said,ditch your creamy foundations and concealers and instead go for pigmented moisturizers or BB creams.I myself use “Za true white day protector cream”and it is just amazing.Also,these products are extremely light on the skin yet give you the coverage you need to hide any traces of dullness on your face.

3.Keep a Compact Handy

If there is one makeup product I had to sware by,it is a compact.This indispensible,little cake of magic is a must!Always keep your compact in your bag.It is a saviour for your face.Before leaving for college in the morning,you should ensure that everything has been set with a powder because compact helps in controlling the oil on the face and let’s your face have a fresh look for long.
It takes like 5 seconds for you to pop it in your bag.Anytime you feel your face is looking dull or oily or your makeup is creasing-be it eyeshadow or your base,all you got to do is take your compact out and pat it through all those oily & dull spots and voila!There you have a perfectly matte,fresh looking face again.

4.Liquid Instead of Pencils

Now this one is from personal experience.Not all of us are very much comfortable using that wobbly-tipped-brush of liquid eyeliners and tend to end up making two different types of eyeliners on either of the eyes.But trust me.It will take some time and you will learn to handle it good enough and once you do,kohl pencils would be history for you.Liquid liners are that good and I love wearing them regularly to college.Invest in a good,waterproof liner and your life would be perfect.
No doubt those colossal and eyeconic kajals are way too tempting to resist them as they are so easy to handle,need very little attention  and almost no time to dry or anything.But one thing we all generally ignore is that they tend to fade with the day and by the end of 3-4 hours,only a faint outline is visible.You have to retouch it.But with liquid liners,the intense black stays through the day and you don’t have to worry about them getting smudged as long as they are waterproof.So just a little more time,a little more precision and a little more efforts with the liquid liners but the lasting power of these black beauties is way too amazing to not invest in them.

5.Lipsticks Over Gloss 

(Hey the title sounds familiar to my blog name:Blushing Over Brownies! :P)
Lipglosses have a very short stay-on period due to which they keep fading quickly.On an average,it would last for maximum 2 to 3 hours.Also,hair flying into the gloss and getting stuck is something I hate!Already I am concerned if my gloss is intact or not and then comes the hair and well!
In contrast,lipsticks tend to stay for almost the entire day as long as we don’t keep treating ourselves to every possible delicacy we can lay our hands on.For all girls who really don’t want to keep heading to the washroom mirror or referring to any other mirror to reapply some colour to their lips,lipsticks are the best.And if it is a liquid lipstick,nothing can be better.Liquid lipsticks are the best thing to have happened to the womenkind.Liquid lipsticks give the most intense tints to the lips and also they just won’t budge no matter what your lips might be upto (*wink_wink*).
So if you are a girl who loves to have her lips shaded through the day,lipgloss isn’t the thing for you!
With that I hope you did find it useful and would probably keep the following points in mind the next time you and your mirror come face to face.Also if you have some other tips that you follow everyday,do let me know by commenting beloe because I would love to have some more suggestion.Till then,keep reading and keep dreaming!
Lots of love <3