Thursday, 17 March 2016

College Fest Do-Up

College Fests.The thing University of Delhi aka DU has always been in the limelight for.Be it the extravagant affair of film stars  or the numerous foot-tapping and heartmelting music concerts of the rulers of the music industry in India.DU sees it all every year.And the festivities are not just limited to the celebrity appearances but the 2 to 3 days long cultural fests witness the occurrence of an assortment of events that include the dance,music and theatre societies of various colleges of DU putting up mesmerizing performances,flash mobs,fetes and what not.Each college has an exclusive crowd puller event,be it karaoke or some random solo dance competition organized by one of the sponsors.The stalls of mouth-watering,irresistible food is just unending.Along with that,you can always find some or the other new specimen of food at either of the stalls.For my personal experience,I myself got to discover the ‘vegetarian chicken’ at one the college’s fest.It was not chicken but soybean that had been crafted to taste and appear like chicken and I must say I have found a yummy alternative for my thursdays!Apart from that,each of the sponsor’s stalls in a bid to attract the crowd have some or the other thing floating around for free.And one can really earn a fortune out of these stalls owing to the free nail art sessions and coffee mugs  that I myself got hands on.
This was my first experience of a University of Delhi Cultural Fest and I  am already waiting for the next season.Being a part of the carefree and outgoing crowd of DU,watching them sing and dance like no one is watching,expressing their opinions in such a finely drafted order that you cannot help but admire them for their extent of knowledge and  not to forget the distinguishably quirky fashion sense,the feeling is just exhilarating and proud.

Amongst  the plentiful days of attending the college fests, 14 & 15 March’16 were the two days wherein my college,a part of the south campus of DU,unfolded the annual cultural fest of Motilal Nehru College.It was quite tiresome deciding on what to wear and what not to wear for the same and the icing on the confusion was the fluctuating weather.The bright morning sun brought with it clouds that thundered and poured for hours and suddenly the rain decided to stop and boom!The weather was as dry and warm like rain never came.I had decided on a palazzo with a crop top but the strong winds and showers made me go against the decision of wearing something flowy like a palazzo and made me switch to a more casual outfit.Also I was supposed to be at one the games stalls,hosting a couple of games as a part of my Enactus Community and hence,nothing better and easier to carry than a pair of denims came to my mind.

I decided on a printed short length top alongwith light coloured high waisted denims.The high waisted denims have a chic charm of their own and they make anything work out wonderfully with them.Be it a crop top,a long one or a noodle strap,just everything seems to perfectly pair up with the high waisted wonders.Also the footwear is something you don’t have to worry much about bcause be it the towering heels or flats or shoes,just as I said.It all perfectly pairs up!