Saturday, 19 March 2016

Black Smokey Eyes

I was just scrolling through my instagram and my homepage was bombarded with pics showcasing more than perfect smokey eyes that just stole my heart and I was left with an urge to try them right away.Now,smokey eyes can be really tricky to achieve if you are not familiar with the concepts of layering and blending of eyeshadows.And to top that,a stable hand is much needed for that precise & seductive winged liner.
Back when I was in my initial days of makeup obsession,I did perform my own experiments for the smokey eyes but neither worked out good enough that could be flaunted.Ok.I will admit.Not good enough is not the word.Smudged mess.Disaster.Blotted colours.That should explain it.Anyway,practice makes you perfect and I am more than happy to finally be able to boast about how accurately can I now work my way with the sultry,smokey look.And more than just being able to do it,I am giving a tutorial as well (yayy!).
You can see how gorgeous the eyes look when adorned with the grayish black eyeshadow and an outstretched black wing with a little heavy lashes.

Products I have used:
  • Coloressence Base Primer
  • Maybelliner Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
  • Colorbar ReadyToWink Eyeshadow Brush 
  • Estee/ Lauder  DoubleWear Kohl Pencil
  • Estee/ Lauder Ultimate Sumptuous Infinite Mascara
  • Lakme 9 TO 5 Black Impact Liner

So here is a step by step easy guide that will let the artist in you transform your eyes into a sultry,stifling beauty without much hassle and time.Just remember one important thing though-BLEND!

1.Prepare the base

To begin with,make sure your eyes are clean and well moisturized because you would not want your eyeshadow flaking up or getting distributed unevenly or creasing for that matter.So your task is to clean,moisturize and prime.Use an eyeshadow primer or any basic primer.If you don’t posess any,no worries!A concealer would be sufficient.

2.Base shade

For every colour of the eyeshadow to show up,you need to have your base colour eyeshadow as close as possible to your natural skin tone.Or a few shades lighter but never on the opposite.

Take a flat eyeshadow brush and spread the base eyeshadow all over your eyelid.Make sure you keep layering up the colour until you don’t see a significant amount of colour showing up.This is very important as it will determine whether the next shades that follow will show up or not.


Every eyemakeup has a history of layered up shades.You don’t put any one particular colour and expect it to make your eyes look like they have been done professionally.Layering is imperative.By layering,what I mean is defining the crease,browbone and upper & lower part of the lid with the help of shades that descend from the most natural for your skin tone to a darker version.So take a blending brush and start with layering up your eyeshadow,darkest on  your crease and lightest on the browbone.

As you can see in the picture,each part of the lid has been defined with a different shade of brown.


Take your regular kohl pencil and make a slightly pointed outline at the outer edge of your eyelid as shown in the picture.After that,fill in the entire lower lid belown the crease lightly with the kohl pencil.Also outline your waterline and a little below that.

5.Black eyeshadow

Take the same eyeshadow application brush and dab on the black eyeshadow all over the kohl markings.


Now this is the keystep that would determine the final result.So take your blending/smudging brush and blend the kohl and eyeshadow together first.Next,move a little upward and blend in the black line with the brown shade of the crease.Keep on moving your brush in small circular motions until all the fairly visible lines are smoothed out and none of it can be seen but a smooth transition from black to light brown.
Take an angled brush and some brown eyshadow and blend it with the kohl on the lower lash line as well.

7.Finishing touch

Winged liners differ from person to person and I cannot really suggest you any one particular way of doing it because there is no one way.Each one of us have our own comfort zone of applying it so I would just tell you that once blended,complete your look with a winged liner (make sure you use a liquid liner) and two coats of mascara and there you go!

So I hope that would have reduced your struggles a little and probably you would try it and if you do,then do remember to send me a picture of how it turned out for you.I would love to post it on my instagram handle as well as on my blog so I would be waiting!
Till then,