Saturday, 19 March 2016

Black Smokey Eyes

I was just scrolling through my instagram and my homepage was bombarded with pics showcasing more than perfect smokey eyes that just stole my heart and I was left with an urge to try them right away.Now,smokey eyes can be really tricky to achieve if you are not familiar with the concepts of layering and blending of eyeshadows.And to top that,a stable hand is much needed for that precise & seductive winged liner.
Back when I was in my initial days of makeup obsession,I did perform my own experiments for the smokey eyes but neither worked out good enough that could be flaunted.Ok.I will admit.Not good enough is not the word.Smudged mess.Disaster.Blotted colours.That should explain it.Anyway,practice makes you perfect and I am more than happy to finally be able to boast about how accurately can I now work my way with the sultry,smokey look.And more than just being able to do it,I am giving a tutorial as well (yayy!).
You can see how gorgeous the eyes look when adorned with the grayish black eyeshadow and an outstretched black wing with a little heavy lashes.

Products I have used:
  • Coloressence Base Primer
  • Maybelliner Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
  • Colorbar ReadyToWink Eyeshadow Brush 
  • Estee/ Lauder  DoubleWear Kohl Pencil
  • Estee/ Lauder Ultimate Sumptuous Infinite Mascara
  • Lakme 9 TO 5 Black Impact Liner

So here is a step by step easy guide that will let the artist in you transform your eyes into a sultry,stifling beauty without much hassle and time.Just remember one important thing though-BLEND!

1.Prepare the base

To begin with,make sure your eyes are clean and well moisturized because you would not want your eyeshadow flaking up or getting distributed unevenly or creasing for that matter.So your task is to clean,moisturize and prime.Use an eyeshadow primer or any basic primer.If you don’t posess any,no worries!A concealer would be sufficient.

2.Base shade

For every colour of the eyeshadow to show up,you need to have your base colour eyeshadow as close as possible to your natural skin tone.Or a few shades lighter but never on the opposite.

Take a flat eyeshadow brush and spread the base eyeshadow all over your eyelid.Make sure you keep layering up the colour until you don’t see a significant amount of colour showing up.This is very important as it will determine whether the next shades that follow will show up or not.


Every eyemakeup has a history of layered up shades.You don’t put any one particular colour and expect it to make your eyes look like they have been done professionally.Layering is imperative.By layering,what I mean is defining the crease,browbone and upper & lower part of the lid with the help of shades that descend from the most natural for your skin tone to a darker version.So take a blending brush and start with layering up your eyeshadow,darkest on  your crease and lightest on the browbone.

As you can see in the picture,each part of the lid has been defined with a different shade of brown.


Take your regular kohl pencil and make a slightly pointed outline at the outer edge of your eyelid as shown in the picture.After that,fill in the entire lower lid belown the crease lightly with the kohl pencil.Also outline your waterline and a little below that.

5.Black eyeshadow

Take the same eyeshadow application brush and dab on the black eyeshadow all over the kohl markings.


Now this is the keystep that would determine the final result.So take your blending/smudging brush and blend the kohl and eyeshadow together first.Next,move a little upward and blend in the black line with the brown shade of the crease.Keep on moving your brush in small circular motions until all the fairly visible lines are smoothed out and none of it can be seen but a smooth transition from black to light brown.
Take an angled brush and some brown eyshadow and blend it with the kohl on the lower lash line as well.

7.Finishing touch

Winged liners differ from person to person and I cannot really suggest you any one particular way of doing it because there is no one way.Each one of us have our own comfort zone of applying it so I would just tell you that once blended,complete your look with a winged liner (make sure you use a liquid liner) and two coats of mascara and there you go!

So I hope that would have reduced your struggles a little and probably you would try it and if you do,then do remember to send me a picture of how it turned out for you.I would love to post it on my instagram handle as well as on my blog so I would be waiting!
Till then,


Thursday, 17 March 2016

College Fest Do-Up

College Fests.The thing University of Delhi aka DU has always been in the limelight for.Be it the extravagant affair of film stars  or the numerous foot-tapping and heartmelting music concerts of the rulers of the music industry in India.DU sees it all every year.And the festivities are not just limited to the celebrity appearances but the 2 to 3 days long cultural fests witness the occurrence of an assortment of events that include the dance,music and theatre societies of various colleges of DU putting up mesmerizing performances,flash mobs,fetes and what not.Each college has an exclusive crowd puller event,be it karaoke or some random solo dance competition organized by one of the sponsors.The stalls of mouth-watering,irresistible food is just unending.Along with that,you can always find some or the other new specimen of food at either of the stalls.For my personal experience,I myself got to discover the ‘vegetarian chicken’ at one the college’s fest.It was not chicken but soybean that had been crafted to taste and appear like chicken and I must say I have found a yummy alternative for my thursdays!Apart from that,each of the sponsor’s stalls in a bid to attract the crowd have some or the other thing floating around for free.And one can really earn a fortune out of these stalls owing to the free nail art sessions and coffee mugs  that I myself got hands on.
This was my first experience of a University of Delhi Cultural Fest and I  am already waiting for the next season.Being a part of the carefree and outgoing crowd of DU,watching them sing and dance like no one is watching,expressing their opinions in such a finely drafted order that you cannot help but admire them for their extent of knowledge and  not to forget the distinguishably quirky fashion sense,the feeling is just exhilarating and proud.

Amongst  the plentiful days of attending the college fests, 14 & 15 March’16 were the two days wherein my college,a part of the south campus of DU,unfolded the annual cultural fest of Motilal Nehru College.It was quite tiresome deciding on what to wear and what not to wear for the same and the icing on the confusion was the fluctuating weather.The bright morning sun brought with it clouds that thundered and poured for hours and suddenly the rain decided to stop and boom!The weather was as dry and warm like rain never came.I had decided on a palazzo with a crop top but the strong winds and showers made me go against the decision of wearing something flowy like a palazzo and made me switch to a more casual outfit.Also I was supposed to be at one the games stalls,hosting a couple of games as a part of my Enactus Community and hence,nothing better and easier to carry than a pair of denims came to my mind.

I decided on a printed short length top alongwith light coloured high waisted denims.The high waisted denims have a chic charm of their own and they make anything work out wonderfully with them.Be it a crop top,a long one or a noodle strap,just everything seems to perfectly pair up with the high waisted wonders.Also the footwear is something you don’t have to worry much about bcause be it the towering heels or flats or shoes,just as I said.It all perfectly pairs up!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

College Makeup Tips

*Phone rings*
Where are you?
Just 5 mins.I will be right back.
Sounds similar to your everyday college expedition to washroom?
It’s the story of almost every girl,especially fresher’s like me who love experimenting with every sort looks to college.But our struggles just don’t end after we leave our mirrors at home post a baffling brainstorming session with foundations and eyeliners.Every reflecting surface on our way to college is a reflection of how intact the makeup is yet.

Winters are a sweetheart and save us the trouble of our foundations going dull or eyeliners fading with sweat or lipsticks getting vanished.But summers,just as much fun as they are,they just wouldn’t spare our hours long efforts in front of  the mirror.And as a result,the college washroom becomes our only saviour to touch up everytime we feel our T-zone getting greasy or the lipgloss fading.
Not every college has centrally-airconditioned environments and when you are in University of Delhi,you wouldn’t even care asking for that.But yes,the summer heat gives us just reasons enough to be very clever with what kind of makeup we wear  to college otherwise  we could end up every  2-3 hours in the washroom or looking lyk a raw pie which had been just a few hours back,coated with eggwash and flour.
So here are a few tips to help your makeup sail through the day despite the heat and dirt:

1.Bye-Bye Heavy-Pigmentation!

Ever heard the phrase-a painted face like a clown?Well that is exactly what extremely pink blush and tacky red lipsticks do to your face during the day!Avoid them at all costs.Like totally.The summer sun is already harsh and no one would want an equally contrasting vibrant redlips to add up to the heat.Also,those dark pink blushes and the shimmery ones especially,though you might think gives you a natural blush,look nothing less than intentionally painted cheeks during a sunny day.And if all this was just not enough,those heavily kohled eyes and even eyeshadows for a few,please stop!
Summers are all about going light and playful and so shall your makeup during the day be.First of all,ditch all those lipstick shades that are way too heavy for the day like deeper shades of red,burgundy,browns and wines.Instead,opt for light and nude shades which are matte and not glossy or shimmery.If you love your lipgloss,a nude or very lightly tinted gloss would be enough.
For the blush,a matte blush is a must for the day because all those shimmery blushes reflect way too much light and end up making you look like you tried way too hard to get your makeup right.Also,less is more.Just a little swipe on the apple of your cheeks and that is exactly what is called ‘naturally flushed cheeks’.

2.Ditch the foundation

Just as pleasing,that perfectly matte and flawless f
'foundation-face' looks in the beginning,the 3-4 hour later face is just as dull and dark.Also,there are times when the foundation starts flaking up and showing dry-white patches or starts giving off a greasy/oiled look.And I bet none of us want that!
The heat tends to bake the foundation up due to which after a few hours,the fresh glowing look fades and is replaced by a more darker version.Also,the dirt particles that stick on further make the foundation look oily.Sweat tends to make the foundation look cakey and you need to keep retouching it with a compact .Also,if you don’t choose the right foundation for your skin,you can have that heavy-makeup feeling throughout the day.
So if you want to avoid all the above said,ditch your creamy foundations and concealers and instead go for pigmented moisturizers or BB creams.I myself use “Za true white day protector cream”and it is just amazing.Also,these products are extremely light on the skin yet give you the coverage you need to hide any traces of dullness on your face.

3.Keep a Compact Handy

If there is one makeup product I had to sware by,it is a compact.This indispensible,little cake of magic is a must!Always keep your compact in your bag.It is a saviour for your face.Before leaving for college in the morning,you should ensure that everything has been set with a powder because compact helps in controlling the oil on the face and let’s your face have a fresh look for long.
It takes like 5 seconds for you to pop it in your bag.Anytime you feel your face is looking dull or oily or your makeup is creasing-be it eyeshadow or your base,all you got to do is take your compact out and pat it through all those oily & dull spots and voila!There you have a perfectly matte,fresh looking face again.

4.Liquid Instead of Pencils

Now this one is from personal experience.Not all of us are very much comfortable using that wobbly-tipped-brush of liquid eyeliners and tend to end up making two different types of eyeliners on either of the eyes.But trust me.It will take some time and you will learn to handle it good enough and once you do,kohl pencils would be history for you.Liquid liners are that good and I love wearing them regularly to college.Invest in a good,waterproof liner and your life would be perfect.
No doubt those colossal and eyeconic kajals are way too tempting to resist them as they are so easy to handle,need very little attention  and almost no time to dry or anything.But one thing we all generally ignore is that they tend to fade with the day and by the end of 3-4 hours,only a faint outline is visible.You have to retouch it.But with liquid liners,the intense black stays through the day and you don’t have to worry about them getting smudged as long as they are waterproof.So just a little more time,a little more precision and a little more efforts with the liquid liners but the lasting power of these black beauties is way too amazing to not invest in them.

5.Lipsticks Over Gloss 

(Hey the title sounds familiar to my blog name:Blushing Over Brownies! :P)
Lipglosses have a very short stay-on period due to which they keep fading quickly.On an average,it would last for maximum 2 to 3 hours.Also,hair flying into the gloss and getting stuck is something I hate!Already I am concerned if my gloss is intact or not and then comes the hair and well!
In contrast,lipsticks tend to stay for almost the entire day as long as we don’t keep treating ourselves to every possible delicacy we can lay our hands on.For all girls who really don’t want to keep heading to the washroom mirror or referring to any other mirror to reapply some colour to their lips,lipsticks are the best.And if it is a liquid lipstick,nothing can be better.Liquid lipsticks are the best thing to have happened to the womenkind.Liquid lipsticks give the most intense tints to the lips and also they just won’t budge no matter what your lips might be upto (*wink_wink*).
So if you are a girl who loves to have her lips shaded through the day,lipgloss isn’t the thing for you!
With that I hope you did find it useful and would probably keep the following points in mind the next time you and your mirror come face to face.Also if you have some other tips that you follow everyday,do let me know by commenting beloe because I would love to have some more suggestion.Till then,keep reading and keep dreaming!
Lots of love <3

Monday, 7 March 2016

Spring-Time Outfit

Spring is nature’s alarm to break it’s winter-dormancy and be born again.As the days stretch on,dominating the night,nature wakes up with a fresh wave of life.The chirping birds welcome the newborn buds standing on the door of flower-hood.The leaves that had withered into dull,colourless nothingness discover themselves blushing with greens of all shades at the touch of the spring breeze.
And yes!With spring,it’s not just the nature that changes it’s façade but the manifestation of mankind as well.With the sun breaking through the fog and clouds,showering us with warmth and light that had been lost over the winter months,our jackets and boots find themselves drifting from the limelight of our wardrobe to a more secluded place in the closet.
The year is new.The month is new.The season is new.Then why not you?Following up what’s trending is easy and a sure success too but why not ditch the rules for once?And why once!When it comes to choosing your flair,there shouldn’t just be any rules but you and your choices!This is what I have been following for the past few months and never to say everytime every experiment came out right but then how does it matter?It’s just as good to sit back and enjoy your flaws for once as much good it is to be praised for your qualities.So yes I mixed up a few disastrous colours,tried carrying off heavycoats with sports shoes and maybe it was not that bad.OK.Not that bad.It was very bad.So what?No one clicked me in that and I can just as well deny it (*WHEWW*)
And when spring is where,what time could be better?The suroundings are full of vibrant colours,each bush adorned with mermerising colours of leaves and flowers.So when nature can revise it's appearance,why not you?What have you planned for this spring?
Well,here is my kickstart to the lovely spring.And guess,guess?I am in love now.
A denim shirt paired with a floral patterned net skirt and a pair of canvas shoes to go with them (alert:no socks!).

The sun being just right to keep you warm enough and the pacifying breeze keeping sweat at bay,a floral skirt is a perfect eulogy to the refined beauty of flora.It's easy to carry,elegant yet chic and can be styled in whatever way we please. I have always been very particular with what I pair up with skirts and the denim shirt came as a out-of-the-blues random idea though it did turn out to be a graceful combination and I am in love with it.Also the cliché heels/ flats got restrained from my outfit and the canvas shoes did a pretty good job in adding that happy-go-lucky   hue to the outfit.Keeping the accessories minimum,you can see that I have worn just a watch.
When there are certain parts of your outfit that you want to draw the maximum attention to,you should very cleverly accessorise yourself.Anything that would create a harsh contrast is a big NO!Also with attires that seem a bit bulky or flowy,accessories just add more flabbiness to the outfit and so should be skipped.My skirt was a bit overpowering and flowy and to add anymore would have meant ruining the impact of the pattern on my skirts.Also pairing up pattern with pattern just creates a confusing illusion of your idea.The designs are caught up and lost in each other.Therefore,to keep the flower patterns illuminated,a plain denim shirt was just perfect for me.

A zoomed in detail of the outfit is below:

This was my springtime outfit.If you have got one as well,tell me down in the comments and who knows?Maybe your's finds it's way to my blog as well.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Stepping out of worthlessness

This post is more like an apology from my side due to me being so inconsistent with posting on my blog.Since a long time,more specifically since college started,I have had this feeling of being ditectionless,aimless,simply wondering and just moving alongwith the twists and turns that the days lead to.And this feeling of worthlessness has only grown in the last one month and today when I woke up,I had nothing in my mind but a question-What have I done?
And there came no answer.Reflecting on the months that have gone by,I feel this strange and heartbreaking sensatiom of having been dormant and wasted.All those things I had wanted to do,all those positions I wanted to secure for myself,each of them remain unticked on my to-do list.
The transition from a school student to a college student was supposed to be dream like.Only no one told me that dreams dont always mean a fairytale where magic would happen.This is a real world and you have to push your limits if you want your tale to be heard,your dream to be lived.Coming to college,maybe the new surge of freedom was too much for me to take and hence,I got too engrossed in roaming around the city,wasting time, that I forgot to focus on what exactly did I want.And now when I introspect,I see myself having slouched and snailed through days.The nights where I cried and succumbed to feelings of worthlessness.Times that I lived and enjoyed and then times I just tried to exist.
It is kind of emotionally weighing down to look back on the time and oppurtunities I turned myself away from or took them for granted.Also for things I loved including writing,I just was in the room next to it yet never cared to get up and open the door for me to see.
All this has set me on a low and so I decided to write and share it.I know not many of you might be following the blog but for a few who did,I have failed to live up to the expectations.And hence,from today itself I am mending my ways and gearing up for the future that I want.No more delaying and putting off work.I would be regular with my blog and all my social media and climb up the stairs where I had been stagnating.
Thank you for reading and if any of you have ever felt the same,dont hesitate to share it in the comments because we all are humans and we are in this together.
Shubhi Raj