Thursday, 4 February 2016

Casual College-1

Just when the winters trick us into believing that the mist and chill like air has not yet bid a bye and then,the sun shines out bright making it pleasantly warm,we are left baffled.To layer up or not?
Well yes!February.A month that has seen days drenched in dense fog and days flooded with sunshine.This is a time when most of us wear warmers and jackets and everything warm to ensure we dont get caught in the cold and soon,the outside temperature decides to change its mood and become warm and well...
Well today was a day of that sort so I decided to have a casual chic look for college wherein ofcourse I gave up on the cliche winter boots and rather went for my sneakers with light textured pair of denims and a black sweater that was complimented by my sleek long black jacket.

Sometimes pushing the boundaries pay off really well and dropping the trending tag to create your own look is what your trend should be.For my outfit to college,the detailed pics are below.Simple and different.

Well,let's see what permutations and combinations we hit upon next!Till then,keep reading,keep trending and keep smiling.Happy fashion