Friday, 15 January 2016

Organic Harvest Organic Lips Review

Another new entrant in the basket of lip balms.This new,cute,super effective lip          balm is one for a sure grab!

Product: Organic Harvest-Organic Lips
Variants: Strawberry,Green Apple and Shea Butter
Price: 149 INR
Packaging: Unique in it's own way,the lip balm has got the cutest colours and case.The case of the product is an adorable,spherical with a vibrant pink (green and yellow are the other two colours) and is just so easy to handle.

The lip balm itself is there inside without any any need to swivel it up or anything.You can slip it in anywhere easily and carry it.The balm too is in a ball shape and one swipe is enough to cover both lips.

Pigmentation:The product is completely colourless and adds a soft,matte like natural tint to the lips,making them look soft and moisturised.Also this matte like appearance that it gives is very impressive for you can use it as a base for your matte lipstick to lock in moisture and you dont need to even worry about your matte becoming glossy because of a glossy lip base.

Performance: If there is one lip balm that actually focusses on it's work rather providing gloss and colour,I can sware by this product.Though the fragrance of the balm is very light but the effectiveness is wonderful.From the very first time that I used it,my lips have been just so soft and palpable.It is like the best I have used till date.Unlike other lip balms post the use of which the lips tend to get chapped at corners,this product is one that just sticks to it's work and 24 hours,you have smooth,baby like,palpable lips.

Conclusion:As a conclusion,I highly recommend everyone to have this product.It is simply amazing.

Would I buy it again?