Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Review-Maybelline White Superfresh Compact

Maybelline has never failed to set the market abuzz with its trend setting launches.Be it the baby lips or the colossal kajal,each of them have enjoyed their share of fame in the market.And yet again,arrives a compact from the beloved top notch brand serving the needs of every regular girl.

~~Product Details~~

  • Name: Maybelline White Superfresh Compact
  • Shade: Pearl ( Available in 3 shades.The other 2 being coral and shell of which coral is darkest and pearl the lightest)
  • Price: INR 150
  • Quantity:  8 g 

Packaging: The packaging is very much similar to other compacts.the outer container that is supposedly disposed off is a regular carton.The compact comes in a white plastic case along with a small mirror which is a life saviour as it can act like any regular hand mirror for you with an added advantage of the compact.Also there is a sponge for application and a thin plastic sheet separating the compact and the sponge.

Texture: The powder is quite dry and might seem a bit chalky as well if you are using it for the first time because owing to the other compacts with a slightly higher cost and their texture,this one definitely is not so good.But then again,priced at 150,it's still quite good for its name.

Performance: Personally I would not really recommend it for a high end makeup look but yes it can be used for daily wear although you might have to struggle a bit with getting the consistency of the powder right & even on your face.It's good for college going girls for a very light coverage because no matter how much powder you dab on,it will end up giving a minimal coverage only.Also too much of it would result in a drought like face so watch out there!But but but....it works wonders for the oily T-zone and would save you against the oiliness that starts showing up after a few hours into the day.
A setback for this compact is its range of shades because even the darkest shade is quite fair and would probably fail to match up with a few darker indian skin tones and show up way too light.

Verdict: For all college girls and the ones looking for a fairly suitable compact without investing much in one,this sure is one for a grab.So go out and get your hands on it and try for yourself.Maybe it did not turn out well for me but goes the other way round for you!

Would I repurchase? Maybe not.