Monday, 23 November 2015

Going nude-Get your shades ready!

A makeup that does not seem like makeup?
The wish every girl would want to be granted!The nude makeup fad is on a constant rise with everyone going bananas over coming up with their own version of this light,unsuspectful makeup look.So it becomes only more essential to stock up your vanity with the correct eyeshadows,glosses and tints.Below is a small glimpse of nudes I possess which I use on a daily basis.The eyeshadows are matte and the lip gloss looks just as natural.I dont really prefer wearing a blush or a bronzer on everyday basis so I decided to skip it in this post.
The picture above includes: Sivanna Naked eyeshadow pallete,Chambor glitzy gloss in the shade 'CRYSTAL 805' and lakme face magic souffle in the shade 'NATURAL PEARL'.
So girls,spare no time and hit the stores!